Mint the finest artwork that has ever been minted on the Zilliqa blockchain.

NFT's Sold Out

CENTAUR CLAN NFT's has been sold out for the sale. To grab a NFT now, please visit secondary marketplaces.


Perks to Foundational NFT holders

1. 111 Finest story-driven artworks have ever been minted on the Zilliqa blockchain.

2. NFT Staking: Earn 1111 $zil/year.

3. NFT Airdrops: Every foundational NFT holder gets our Originals Airdrop.

4. Vesting the Royalty of Originals.

5. Merchandise: A free Merch box.Merchandise revenue.

6. Premium membership on Partnerships.

7. Premium Access to Our upcoming discord channel!

8. Premium access to our Comic world.

9. Vesting the Merchandise revenue.

Much more in time!

Minting of Foundational NFTs in step curve model