The universe is full of mysteries, from planets to comets, stars to starlets. There are many unknown unknowns that we don't even know that they exist.

Somewhere in the universe, there exists one among the infinite mysteries. It's a home for four powerful clans fighting for dominance over the world they knew; at the end of their world, there is a gateway that is the only communication with every particle lying outside the world they knew. Everyone wanted supremacy over that gateway, but is it that simple? If it is, they would have broken it long back.


What makes the gateway impossible to break is its 11 most potent guardians. They surround the gateway and protect it from the wrong hands. They don’t need sleep, food, or water to survive. Their only motive is to protect the gateway.

These guardians are so powerful that the four existing clans have been trying to break the gateway for generations but remained unsuccessful. The clans kept fighting among themselves for supremacy over the world they lived in, and in the process, time flew away, and thousands of years passed, and all the clans lost many of their skilled fellow members, which compelled them to think of a solution.

Three of the four clans are the Vanaras, the Centaurs, and Leo. Vanaras have physical and mental strengths. They have a balanced nature, are flexible, quick-witted, and versatile. They are best known for their sneak attacks. It’s hard to understand or guess when they would invade, and that’s been their strength in their fight for survival. They are good at construction and have a beautiful architecture in their clan. Their only weakness is their disrespect towards other clans and underestimating them.

Next are The Centaurs, who are large, confident and active. It’s well-known that their strength is focused on their legs, and to defeat them, the opponent needs to injure their legs, but it's not that easy. They have excellent vision and lightning-fast reflexes and possess extraordinary cognitive abilities. They hold power to escape even the well-planned and executed attacks with the help of their legs. They can run so fast that they could disappear from your sight within a blink, and it’s been their strength throughout the generations. They are then the most responsible and disciplined among all the clans.

The third is the LEOs, they are the strongest among all the clans physically, but they lack emotional intelligence. They have muscular, compact bodies and powerful forelegs. They are born leaders because they demonstrate who they are. They are not afraid of the consequences when they go after what they want. They don't seek respect. They command respect and authority because they know they deserve it. They act impulsively, without planning, and that’s been a significant disadvantage for their clan and almost made them lose their power. But they are still the strongest as they dare not to give up ever.

All the clans separately waged wars on the guardians numerous times and faced defeat every time. After years of fighting and on the verge of losing everything, hope is the last thing ever lost. There are very few people left alive in each clan. They started thinking about what made them fail, and at last, they went through their thirst for supremacy over the world and started discussing their main motive of breaking the gateway. They started living in harmony and embracing each other’s skills to beat all the odds.

Now they together waged war. With the right mindset, they even turned their weaknesses into strengths, and they were able to finally defeat the most powerful guardians in the universe and ultimately open the gateway.

They were shocked to see the access given by the gateway. What did they see there? Did they get access to the whole mystery there, and last but not least, why is it called the forbidden verse? Are they forbidden from the rest of the universe, or is the rest of the universe forbidden from them? Most importantly, what about the fourth clan? You will know Soon!