The universe is a realm of boundless mysteries, from planets and comets to stars and starlets. Countless unknowns await our discovery, shrouded in the enigmatic fabric of the cosmos

One of the universe's greatest enigmas resides within its vast expanse. It is a realm where four powerful clans vie for supremacy over their world. At the edge of their domain lies a gateway, the sole conduit connecting them to the particles beyond. Everyone desires control over the gateway, but it remains a formidable challenge to breach.

What makes the gateway impregnable are the eleven mighty guardians that surround and protect it. These guardians do not require sleep, sustenance, or water to survive; their sole purpose is to safeguard the gateway.


The guardians possess such immense power that the existing four clans have waged countless battles against them, yet none have succeeded. As the clans continue their internal strife, spanning generations, they have lost many skilled warriors and faced the need for a new solution.

Among the four clans, three stand out: the Vanaras, the Centaurs, and the Leos. The Vanaras embody physical and mental strength, displaying balance, agility, quick thinking, and versatility. Known for their stealthy attacks, they are difficult to anticipate. They also excel in construction and boast stunning architectural achievements. However, their weakness lies in disrespecting other clans and underestimating their adversaries.


The Centaurs are imposing beings, exuding confidence and agility. Their strength resides in their powerful legs; one must target their legs to defeat them, which is a challenging task. They possess exceptional vision, lightning-fast reflexes, and extraordinary cognitive abilities. Their incredible speed allows them to vanish in the blink of an eye, making them unmatched swiftly. They are also known for their discipline and responsibility.


The Leos, physically the strongest among the clans, lack emotional intelligence. With muscular bodies and powerful forelegs, they are natural-born leaders. Fearless in their pursuits, they command respect rather than seeking it. However, their impulsive nature and lack of strategic planning are significant disadvantages. Nonetheless, their indomitable spirit and refusal to surrender make them the strongest force.

The clans have waged separate wars against the guardians numerous times, only to face defeat. After years of fighting and on the verge of losing everything, they realise that their thirst for supremacy led them astray. They begin to question their motives and the importance of breaking the gateway, considering a new path of harmony and embracing each other's strengths.

Now united, they wage war together, harnessing the power of their collective mindset. They transform their weaknesses into strengths and finally defeat the formidable guardians, unlocking the gateway.

As they gaze upon the gateway's access, they are astounded by what lies beyond. What revelations await them? Why is it called the forbidden verse? Are they forbidden from the rest of the universe, or is the rest of the universe forbidden from them? And what about the fourth clan? The answers to these questions will soon be revealed!


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